OpenMS is an open-source software C++ library for LC/MS data management and analyses. It offers an infrastructure for the rapid development of mass spectrometry related software. OpenMS is free software available under the three clause BSD license and runs under Windows, macOS and Linux.

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Programming Language:




Supported Platforms:

Windows: Visual C++ 14 to 15
Linux: GNU/g++ (4.7+), LLVM/Clang (3.3+)
macOS: Apple LLVM (5.1+), GNU/g++ (4.7+), LLVM/Clang (3.3+)

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Joint CIBI/OpenMS user meeting


Dear friends and colleagues, we are happy to announce the 2nd CIBI User Meeting on 19. September (09:00) until 21. September 2018 (16:00) at Freie Universität Berlin, Steintor-Campus, Arnimallee 6, 14195 Berlin, Germany OpenMS, MetFrag, FIJI, and SeqAn are developed by members of the Center for Integrative Bioinformatics (CIBI) and partially funded …

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