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An introductory tutorial for using OpenMS tools in workflows using KNIME can be found on the tutorial page.
A general quick start guide for KNIME can be found here and the documentation for the KNIME Analytics Platform here. There is also a separate forum for our community nodes in the KNIME community forums here.

Visualisation in TOPPView and command line usage

Have a look at the designated Getting Started page and our tutorials.

OpenMS in Proteome Discoverer / Compound Discoverer

If you have questions regarding the OpenMS nodes integrated into PD and CD, you can contact the OpenMS developer team through GitHub or the mailing lists mentioned below.

For questions regarding PD and CD in general, you can start with the manuals at the product pages here and here or contact the Thermo Fisher Scientific support.

Mailing Lists

There are two public mailing lists for OpenMS.
Announcements of new versions and major updates are sent around in the open-ms-announcements mailing list.

If you are not sure about some parameters or cannot get an OpenMS tool to do what you want, you can send a question to the
open-ms-general mailing list, which is meant for general discussions and questions.

OpenMS Documentation

Documentation of the newest release including all classes and their functions and building instructions for several operating systems can be found here.
An introduction to the core data structures and algorithms intended for new developers can be found here.

pyOpenMS Documentation

Documentation on how to use OpenMS in python can be found here: pyOpenMS

Reach us on GitHub

To see what is going on in development and which issues are being addressed, you can visit the OpenMS issue tracker on GitHub.
GitHub issues badge
You can also open up new issues to report bugs or to make a suggestion for a new feature to be implemented.