Requirements: Windows 64 bit PC with Compound Discoverer. We recommend at least 4GB of RAM and Compound Discoverer 2.0.

MetaboProfiler provides the functionality of multiple OpenMS 2.0 tools to the recently released Thermo Fisher Compound Discoverer (CD). It extends CD with methods for large-scale feature detection and quantification of small metabolites for label-free LC-MS data.

Download and Installation:

Data is made available at:
This includes

  • An automated installer for Windows 7 (64 bit)
  • A manual including step-by-step installation instructions, description of the OpenMS node and its parameters and a tutorial guiding the user through standard CD studies containing MetaboProfiler
  • Example data for the tutorial. Provided are sample and control measurements at one time point after Prazosin was administered
  • CD workflow files of some of the pipelines used in the tutorial

Download: MetaboProfiler for Compound Discoverer 1
Download: MetaboProfiler for Compound Discoverer 2

Disclaimer: Please note that Thermo only provides the framework for the integration of third-party plugins. They do neither provide any support nor take any legal responsibility for external contributions. If you have any questions, bug reports, or feature requests regarding the OpenMS MetaboProfiler node, please create a new issue at:

Developers may want to visit our: Source code repository

More Infomation

For additional information about OpenMS integration in Compound Discoverer please visit the Getting Started page.