We have several open Ph.D. / Post-Doc positions in Bioinformatics
at the Kohlbacher Group (
University of Tübingen)
to work with OpenMS on cutting edge research projects.

If you love open science and would like to work within a large research-oriented open-source project feel free to contact us about specific project details.

In general, you will work in a multidisciplinary Applied Bioinformatics research group as part of the mass-spectrometry special interest group as part of a diverse team of developers and scientists. A large part of the group is located at the WSI for Informatics of the University of Tübingen but associations exist with the clinics and the Max-Planck-Institute.

Responsibilities are project dependent and may include:

  • Building analysis workflows
  • Maintaining OpenMS and working on releases
  • Conduct own research related to mass-spectrometry by developing new tools
  • Publish the results of your research and present it at international conferences
  • Generic software engineering tasks (e.g. designing efficient data structures or file formats) or user interface developments to be carried out


  • Background in bioinformatics, computer science, computational biology or related fields
  • Ideally, skilled in C++ and Git(Hub)-based version control
  • Basic knowledge about mass-spectrometry with eagerness to learn
  • Experience with a workflow system (e.g. KNIME, Galaxy, or nextflow) is beneficial
  • Strong command of English